Please be aware that our current online consultation option - eConsult - will be switched-off in the next few weeks and it will be replaced by our new online consultation option, SystmConnect.
We will be providing more information here over the next few days, and in our planned article for the White Horse News issue dated 20th June. Thank you, Westbury Group Practice

At Westbury Group Practice we are committed to providing an outstanding service to our patients for every interaction they have with us. We are launching a new system called “You said, we did” where we take your feedback, and show how we have listened to and acted upon it

We hope this model of engagement shows you as the patient, you really can make a difference in your surgery, and your healthcare

You said We did
Your phone lines are always engaged, I can’t get through It’s important that our patients can reach us when they need to. We have launched an online consultation method called e-Consult, which allows you to skip the phone queue and send us a form with your symptoms and requirements, this is then triaged by our team and passed on to the appropriate clinician.

For those that are unable to, or not wishing to use our e-Consult service, we have installed additional phone lines to help us meet the ever increasing demands on GP surgeries around the country.

Information on how the practice operated with home visits was not clear or transparent to us patients We wrote a piece for the website and Facebook page to explain how our visiting team works.
Blood tests for patients at home had not been arranged quick enough We agree all blood tests for home visited patients should be requested the same day to ensure blood tests are carried out in a timely manner.
Medical notes were not clear when processing urine dips for other clinicians We discussed this as a practice and changed the process to ensure medical notes entered were very clear so the clinician dealing with the sample knows what to do