Please find our details below. If you wish to contact us by email, please send enquiries with your full name, date of birth and home address to There may be a delay in assisting you if you do not provide this verification information for us. Please note, this is for general enquiries only and is not to be used in an emergency or to book an appointment. Deaf, hard of hearing and any other patients who cannot/find it difficult to use the telephone may use this address to communicate with us.


Have your say to improve your care. We would like your feedback on the care or treatment we give you anytime you use our services. It’s completely confidential and it doesn’t take long. Take the Friends & Family Test and let us know what we do well and how we can do better!

WGP Friends & Family Test

White Horse Health Centre

01373 828330
Mane Way, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3FQ

Bratton Surgery

01380 831911
The Tynings, Bratton, Wiltshire, BA13 4RR


We take all complaints very seriously and will do everything within our power to fix anything you’re unhappy with as quickly and effectively as possible. All complaints should be presented in writing and directed to Marie Strachan, Deputy Practice Manager. See the leaflet for more information.

WGP Complaints Leaflet