Westbury Group Practice Values – Sustainability

The priority of Westbury Group Practice is to look after the medical needs of our practice population, incorporated within this we have a responsibility in supporting the environment in which we all live and work. Our aim is to embed a focused approach to sustainability within our staff and patient culture, ensuring it is at the forefront of our core values. Our commitments are to make changes and make improvements in reducing our carbon footprint, while improving our patients and staff health and wellbeing.

We have made a number of commitments to sustainability as a Practice. We are in the process of completing the Green Impact for Healthcare Toolkit, which will give us the guidance to making the changes needed and improving sustainability at Westbury Group Practice.

Our initial priorities to improve sustainability are as follow:

  • Reducing waste and increasing recycling
  • Promoting sustainable transport
  • Purchasing sustainably
  • Reducing our use of paper
  • Reducing prescribing
  • Improving our energy efficiency
  • Implementing our lighting responsibility plan
  • Sourcing food and drink responsibly and avoiding use of plastic where possible
  • Implementing the NUS/RCGP Green Impact Toolkit

How will we achieve this?

  • Reducing the amount of Over The Counter (OTC) medicines we prescribe.
  • Working with our Asthmatic patients to reduce the environmental impact of inhalers.
  • Replacing kettles with water heaters so staff can make a cup of tea
  • All of our lights are fitted with sensors, so the lights go out when they are not needed
  • By ensuring that only confidential waste is collected for shredding, we can send the rest of the paper for recycling
  • We have clearly labelled recycling bins in key areas throughout the building
  • Empty toner cartridges are sent back to the supplier for recycling
  • Working to reduce production of paper waste, and to become paperless where possible
  • Discontinued use of fax machines
  • Any printers or photocopiers with the ability to print double sided have this option enabled by default
  • Use of waiting room screens to provide important information, to reduce the requirement of leaflets
  • Where possible we encourage our patients to complete online forms rather than their paper counterparts.
  • We have reviewed and reduced the paper required to print off our registration packs
  • We offer our staff members a Cycle to Work Scheme