The new online consultation option is now available! SystmConnect has now replaced e-Consult.
You can access SystmConnect via your SystmOnline account if you have one.
You do NOT have to have a Systmonline account to access SystmConnect - just click on the 'SystmConnect' link which is next to the SystmOnline link below.
PLEASE read our article on the News page which gives some further details on the new option.

There are various ways to organise an appointment to see one of our clinicians if you need to do so.

If your situation is life threatening please call 999.

Online appointments

We are slowly introducing the option to book some of our appointments via a link in an SMS message that we will send you. To start with we will be doing this for blood test and telephone Medication Review appointments in order to ensure that your medication continues to be prescribed safely.

Please note that the links to book these appointments are valid for only 7 days, after which you will have to call the surgery to book the appointment.

We are very aware that there are multiple scam messages, emails and SMS that you may receive and that you will be rightly concerned about clicking on links in messages that you are not completely sure about.

We therefore wanted to make you aware that we are sending these SMS and that they are genuine; below is a screen shot of just such a message that we send.

We are sending these link messages as we believe it is a quicker and easier way for you to book these appointments. In addition, every appointment booked in this manner takes the pressure off the Reception team,  and so makes it easier for patients to call us for other appointment types, or any other query they may have.

As this process becomes more and more used, we hope to extend the range and number of appointments that can be booked in this way.


It’s no secret that GP surgeries across the country are facing increasing demand and pressures, so their phone lines might be busy. What if we told you, you can skip our phone queues by simply filling in an SystmConnect form?

Booking an appointment by telephone

We understand online consultations are not suitable for everyone, so if you’re unable, or not wishing to submit an SystmConnect, give us a call.

Our phone lines open at 08:00am. Please note our busiest times are usually between 08:00am – 09:00am, and generally all day on a Monday (or after a bank holiday), so you may experience a longer waiting time before your call is answered.

We run a “On the day Triage System”, when you speak to the care navigator, they will take down information on your symptoms and will arrange for the most appropriate clinician to call you back later in the day. If it’s felt you need a follow up face-to-face appointment, the clinician will organise this with you. You will always be seen if required.

We are proud to say that we have a diverse team with many different skillsets including; Nurses, Paramedics and Pharmacists. You may receive a telephone call from one of these team members if appropriate.

Routine appointments

During the duration of this winter period we are operating an on the day appointment system at Westbury Group Practice for all GP and Acute Care team appointments. For more information please read the letter from Doctor Edwards & Partners.

Letter to Patients re Winter Pressures



Drop in Blood Clinic

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic our Drop in Blood Clinics have been suspended.

If a clinician has asked you attend a blood test please contact the surgery using either SystmConnect or by phoning and speaking to a member of the Reception team.

Home Visits

a variety of our clinicians are able to carry out appointments in a patients home, these are known as Home Visits. Home Visits may be required for patients who are house/bed bound, terminally ill or if there is a risk to their health if they are moved. If you think you need a home visit, please call the surgery and our clinicians will triage the situation and organise a Home Visit if necessary.

Video Consultations

Along with the rest of the NHS we are embracing technological advances. One new service we can offer our patients is a video consultation. Video Consultations allow you and the clinician to speak and see each other using your computer or mobile device. We understand this service may not be suitable for everyone. Please watch the video below for more information.