The White Horse Health Centre has entered into an agreement with the company Medi2data, who will now be processing all patient requests for copies of Notes (SAR).

Medi2data is an NHS Digital accredited company who have developed a digital system called eMR which enables the production of digital, GDPR-compliant medical reports. The eMR software was designed for data security, speed and efficiency, and interfaces with our GP practice’s system to extract medical records to be included in Medi2data’s reports. eMR empowers patients to easily see and share their medical data, allowing them to stay in control of their records.


Note that patients will continue to make their initial request for a copy of their Notes, to the surgery as usual. Once that has been done, then all further contacts regarding the production of your Notes should be directed to Medi2data using the contact details listed above. 

Please see the two documents below for further information on how this process works.

click HERE to view the Patient Information Handout Sheet

click HERE to view the eMR Patient Information Sheet 2023 1